Our Approach

Are your financial assets being managed in a way that improves your life while preparing you for the future you desire?

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It is our goal to help you answer this question positively and confidently. We do so by helping you build, manage and preserve wealth – and when ready, transfer it as you choose.

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We analyze your current financial situation with a particular focus on cash flow and liquidity. Using the sophisticated tools in the eMoney financial planning program, we develop a precise plan with you, clearly explaining options and our recommended strategies in an understandable way.

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Once we construct and implement your investment portfolio – aligned with your risk tolerance and time horizon, we will meet with you regularly to evaluate and make adjustments to your holdings based on changing markets, performance trends, and most importantly changes in your own life and goals.

How we invest

We believe that an appropriately balanced investment portfolio and an up-to-date financial plan are essential to sustaining wealth, especially against a backdrop of growing personal medical expenses and continual inflation – two major concerns that erode both financial assets and their purchasing power.

At Mackie & Waller, our strategy has always been to invest in strong growing companies, and not in the market itself. We work carefully to identify dominant businesses to invest in, rather than trying to obtain attractive returns with market timing transactions. We look to achieve positive outcomes supported by the long-term earnings growth of the companies we hold in client portfolios. We believe that well-known global brands regularly provide their shareholders with above average earnings growth with consistent dividend increases.

Strong, financially stable companies that demonstrate consistent growth provide a relatively safe way of maintaining long-term investment positions, even during periods of economic stress and short-term market pullbacks. These companies are often “larger cap” and we focus on those based in the U.S. As investors, we are attracted to their ability to develop and support industry leading products. Likewise, we watch for how their R&D teams introduce new products and create new efficiencies in production and distribution of these goods on a global basis.

Ultimately, our goal is to apply our process and strategy to build an effective investment portfolio to help each client achieve the goal of continuing their success into retirement and beyond.

Our Resource Partners

As an independently owned partner firm within the Sanctuary Wealth global network, we are able to leverage the technology, tools, and standardized processes available through the Sanctuary platform. This allows us to maximize scalability and manage risk so that we can reinvest time where it matters most—with clients like you. By partnering with Sanctuary, we can deliver operational excellence, maintain a strong culture of compliance, and offer a robust cybersecurity program, which will safeguard the information clients entrust to our guidance. Sanctuary also empowers all its partner firms with access to its vibrant community of elite independent financial advisors. The like-minded advisors in this peer group share best practices and we can tap into our community’s intellectual capital to deliver more specialized expertise – and investment opportunities – to the clients of Mackie & Waller.


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