About Us

Success – in particular, financial success

is an attribute shared by our clients. And they turn to us to help them sustain it.

Mackie & Waller Wealth Management Group works with a select number of wealthy individuals and multigenerational families who are looking to enjoy the prosperity of their success well into the future. We help them manage their financial assets – from their lifestyle needs through to their legacy aspirations.


Who we are

We are a team of veteran wealth advisors who have worked together for years and bring decades of experience to every client relationship. The vast majority of our clients are referrals from other clients, and this has allowed us to think of all of them as family.

This mindset drives the genuine care and accountability upon which we build each new relationship. We listen attentively to you, learning about your financial situation – the facts and the numbers – but hearing also about your expectations for the future… for your retirement… for your family’s financial well-being and inheritance.

What we do

We will talk with you about a plan forward – explaining every option we see, every recommendation we make. We help you identify potential vulnerabilities in your current situation – from estate planning to tax mitigation to long-term care and other health considerations. We also help determine how to optimize your budgeting to support a sound investment strategy.

While we will introduce you to key professionals to focus on certain specialized areas,

we handle the complete investment management discipline in-house at Mackie & Waller. This includes creating a personalized investment policy, constructing an investment portfolio, implementing the actual investments, and monitoring performance and adjusting as needed to stay balanced and aligned with your specific, custom plan. By providing this service directly – unlike advisors who outsource investment management – we save our clients subcontracting fees that range from ½ of 1% to 1% per year.

This efficiency is typical of the fiduciary standard that defines our firm:

we place our clients’ best interests above those of the firm. Your continued success is our top priority. The consistency of our personalized services and the soundness of our approach to investment management have been designed to help you achieve all that you aspire to for your future.

Working with Business Owners

A number of our clients are business owners and entrepreneurs who face a unique set of challenges in balancing their company’s financial concerns with the priorities for their personal wealth. The team at Mackie & Waller collaborates with our fellow independent wealth advisor, Justin Martini, who runs his own firm, Cape Rock Private Wealth. With well over 15 years of experience, Justin specializes in serving the particular needs of small business owners. Together we ensure that the solutions created for these clients are integrated into a unified and comprehensive plan that addresses their goals for the future.


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